Not forgetting Mother Earth and environmental justice

To celebrate Mother Earth Day, Alejandro Perdomo reflects on the connection between the environment, the distribution of resources, and social justice. The relationship between humans and the earth goes beyond our dependence on its ecosystems and their functions. Through time, our societies have developed depending on the natural resources that the diverse environments have offered. … Continue reading Not forgetting Mother Earth and environmental justice

Targeting racism

On today's International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Pier Luc Dupont Picard makes a strong case on why racism - deeply embedded in structure and society - should be an unforgotten target in our efforts to address justice and fairness.  Like many injustices, racism can be a frustrating target. In good times, when … Continue reading Targeting racism

Why we still need International Women’s Day

Over 100 years ago, 8 March became the International Women’s Day. Trudie Knijn of Utrecht University reflects on why such a day is still needed. Already for over one hundred years, since 1914 - the first year of the horrifying events of WWI - women have assembled on March 8 to fight for their rights; … Continue reading Why we still need International Women’s Day

The Importance of a Social Justice Ethos

On World Justice Day, Miklós Zala shares his thoughts on justice and the role of citizens. Eleven years ago, the United Nations General Assembly declared 20th of February as the World Day of Social Justice, “recognizing the need to promote efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion and unemployment”. The relevance of this day … Continue reading The Importance of a Social Justice Ethos

How fair is our solidarity?

With whom do we ‘stand in solidarity’? Whose tragedy or misfortune strikes the core of our empathy? Whose injustice causes our outrage? And how fair is that? Derived from the French solidarité, the word ‘solidarity’ is usually used to describe some form of bond, alliance, community or fellowship that arises from common goals, interests and interdependencies. … Continue reading How fair is our solidarity?

On mobility, migration, and interdependence

For International Migrants Day, the University of Bristol's Bridget Anderson reflects on migration, fractured societies, and interdependence. For over twenty years the outsourcing of migration controls has meant that European publics have been protected from the practical reality of forced displacement and economic desperation that is now showing up on holiday beaches. Agreements with source … Continue reading On mobility, migration, and interdependence

The case for the local implementation of human rights

To celebrate International Human Rights Day today on 10th December, the ETC Graz’s Wanda Tiefenbacher and Maddalena Vivona speak about the New Urban Agenda, local human rights, and how communities can come together to make human rights a real and “lived” experience. In last week’s Blog, Barbara Oomen highlighted the role of municipalities in implementing … Continue reading The case for the local implementation of human rights