Hearing stories of people treated in an unjust way or having their human rights violated on an everyday basis has become part of our life. Some of us might be able to relate to such incidences. Some of us might have never been in a situation where they felt being treated unfairly. Finally, some of us might not even know that their rights were violated in the past.

Have you ever wondered how just or unjust your world is? No? It might just be the right time to do that. How about playing a fun game which gives you the answer to this question? Let’s start with the Landscapes of Justice web app, available at www.myjustice.eu.

The concept of justice is a rather abstract one and at times seems difficult the grasp. People from various countries might perceive justice in different ways. There are also many theories about justice but no agreed-upon definition in Europe. ETHOS understands justice as a continuously re-enacted and re-constructed lived experience. The “lived experience” is also the starting point of the Landscapes of Justice App. First of all the app motivates you to create your own Landscape of Justice based on your individual perception and experience of justice in your daily life. By clicking on the “start” button, you are directed to your own personal Landscape of Justice offering the following six areas of your everyday life for you to consider: health, housing, representation, participation, freedom of expression, sexual orientation. Click on one area and answer the four questions/statements related to the subject with whatever answer suits you best. Depending on the answers you choose, your personal landscape will adjust. Reflect on your answers. Are there any surprises? Do you feel that you live in a just world? Or are there some situations which seem unjust to you?

If you want to know what other Landscapes look like, the web app gives you the great chance to compare your individual landscape with others. By clicking on the “compare” button, you can find out how different your answers in the six areas are in comparison to an “Ideal Landscape”, the general Landscape of “Europe (EU + Turkey)”, or the individual Landscapes of a country of the European Union or Turkey. Do you see major differences? Have you ever thought about why these differences might exist?

The fun part was to create your own Landscape of Justice. The intriguing part was to compare your (un)just world to others. Aren’t you curious to find out more about the topic itself? The next part broadens your horizon by providing you with easily understandable information on justice and human rights,  their relation with each other as well as their influence on your daily life. By clicking on the “learn more” button, you see the Landscape of Justice surface again, only now there are more icons you can click on. Check them out and read the information provided for you to get more familiar with every topic related to justice. If you feel like you still want to go further and totally immerse yourself in the topic, you have the chance to click on the YouTube or further links button. There you find information suited towards everyone’s needs – from academic papers to fun quizzes on the topics.

After becoming aware of how just or unjust your social environment is, learning about the perception of justice of other people and gaining new insights into various aspects of justice, what are your thoughts? Let others know by sharing your experiences, stories and ideas about justice with them! Just click on the “share” button and get going.

With the Landscapes of Justice web app we want to show that justice is not merely something in the books or talked about by politicians. Justice affects your daily life and your experience of justice shapes the way you think and live. You can find the app here: www.myjustice.eu

by Livia Perschy
Livia is currently conducting an internship at the European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (ETC Graz)